+++ April +++

WhiteWall - HD Metal Print - Extremely stable and resistant through the outdoor season

The WhiteWall Metal Print meets the highest demands. The premium print with your own photographs on aluminum is ideal for protected outdoor areas, but can also be used particularly well in the kitchen and bathroom. Due to their low weight, HD Metal Prints are also suitable for large formats and impress with color-intensive motifs.





+++ April +++

Rid Foundation - Cooperation with the Cultural and Creative Industries Munich

A new cooperation between the Günther Rid Foundation for Bavarian Retail and the Competence Team for the Cultural and Creative Industries of the City of Munich is being launched under the title "Interim Use, Pop-Up and Co - Retail in the Cultural and Creative Industries". The aim of the cooperation is to offer suitable qualification opportunities to cultural and creative professionals who are active in the retail sector, for example, also realize interim uses for vacant store spaces.





+++ March +++

Press webinar - Hästens The Power of Sleep

The Swedish bed manufacturer Hästens invites trade media to the webinar "The Power of Sleep" on March 2 with sleep physician Dr. Michael Breus and Hästens Sleep Coach Magdalena Rejman, moderated by English journalist Nelufar Hedayat. Hästens is committed to establishing the importance of good sleep and helping to develop awareness of the power of good sleep in everyday life.





+++ March +++

Digital presentation of the new collection DI VARIA NATURA

Rubelli invites you to the digital presentation of its new textile collection on March 2. CEO Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli and creative director Alberto Pezzato present DI VARIA NATURA - a firework of styles, colors and patterns - and give insights into the sources of inspiration and the stories behind the collection.





+++ February +++


Sleep specialist BETTENRID launches a new podcast series and talks about the topics of sleep and health in informative interviews with selected sleep experts, sleep researchers, sleep doctors and exciting personalities. Due to the currently limited personal contact, BETTENRID would like to create a new touchpoint for customers in addition to trust. The "must-hear" with sleep tips for a restful night. 9 episodes - from February to November 2021.