+++ August 2023 +++

PERENNIALS Fall 2023 Collection: Second Collection by Rose Tarlow

Following her 2012 Perennials fabric collection, renowned American designer Rose Tarlow returns with a new collection of 100% solution-dyed acrylic (SDA) fabrics and rugs. Perennials by Rose Tarlow introduces eight fabric qualities and four flat-woven rug designs that feature Tarlow's elegant, vibrant style. Launch date of the new collection August 07, 2023.






+++ August 2023 +++

Kartell | The new THIERRY XXL Tables

By the motto My Kartell - My Life in Color, Kartell presents the new THIERRY XXL tables by Piero Lissoni. Infinite shades of color play with new shapes and sizes. The family of "jewel" tables is extended by the THIERRY XXL series, designed in oval and round versions for the dining area. THIERRY XXL completes the THIERRY BISTROT series, designed for a lounge bar atmosphere. The elegant yet inviting look of the new table collection corresponds with a vibrant color palette, including gray, burgundy and white variants.





+++ July 2023 +++

LITTLE GREENE launches Capsule Collection 'Sweet Treats'

LITTLE GREENE launches the new Capsule Collection 'Sweet Treats' with warm neutral honey, caramel and chocolate shades, each inspired by delicious desserts and some of the world's tastiest sweet tooth. Playful, sugary names like 'Madeleine', 'Galette', 'Affogato', 'Muscovado' and 'Ganache' bring these tantalizing colors to life.






+++ July 2023 +++

Popstahl | Mix & Match

In the former schoolhouse of Chieming there is another, smaller house. And a two-tone kitchen to go with it. From POPSTAHL.

In the attic of this charming residential project, an open, airy living and dining area opens up. To make this as practical as possible and at the same time aesthetically pleasing, the builders opted for a "functional" cube in the form of a cottage. This houses the bathroom and sauna. The built-in unit separates itself from the rest of the room through materiality and color and forms the counterweight to the long kitchen unit.





+++ June 2023 +++

interlübke - collectplus the new system furniture

collectplus is a piece of system furniture that can be put together individually and opens up a wide range of design freedom, yet is clear and aesthetic in its purist design language. collectplus is extremely versatile and enables customised room design solutions for different living areas such as wardrobe, dining, living, sleeping or office. Thanks to its creative adaptability to its surroundings, collectplus offers the ideal design option for the highest demands.