+++ February 2021 +++


Sleep specialist BETTENRID launches a new podcast series and talks about the topics of sleep and health in informative interviews with selected sleep experts, sleep researchers, sleep doctors and exciting personalities. Due to the currently limited personal contact, BETTENRID would like to create a new touchpoint for customers in addition to trust. The "must-hear" with sleep tips for a restful night. 9 episodes - from February to November 2021.




2_21_Little_Greene+++ February 2021 +++

LITTLE GREENE Exterior Paints: Durable finishes

LITTLE GREENE is known for exquisite colors and timeless interior design. However, the company also has a high-quality, durable and hard-wearing range of exterior paints in its collection that offer protection and beauty in equal measure. The product range includes high-gloss and semi-gloss finishes for all exterior wood and metal work, as well as fine matte finishes for masonry and plaster. All finishes are developed with the same technical know-how used in the development of paints for bridges, boats, locks
and even lighthouses.




2_21_Rubelli+++ February 2021 +++

Rubelli collection 2021 | DI VARIA NATURA

The Rubelli 2021 collection celebrates the new year with a firework of styles, colors and patterns with the usual high-quality and varied materials. DI VARIA NATURA inspires with complex diversity and inspiring looks that sparkle with joie de vivre and creativity. The aim of these wonderful designs is to celebrate and reinterpret the diversity of our nature and the heritage of our culture and history.




2_21_Nemo+++ February 2021 +++

Nemo Studio presents DESK MATRIX

Nemo Studio introduces an addition to the Linescapes family in the new year. The DESK MATRIX series extends the appearance of the well-known minimalist light lines with the closed form. Until now, the Linescapes were available as pendant, wall or floor luminaires or as individual modules for freely planned lighting installations.





+++ February 2021 +++

Two brothers carry on a legacy while treading their own paths.

For around 20 years now, Johannes and Lukas Weibel have been jointly managing the company Intertime, which their father founded in the 1960s. The brothers are proud of this heritage and want to continue to lead it into the future. But in order to tread their own paths as well, the two brothers have spent the last five years working on another label. Johannes and Lukas also wanted to start something new. Furniture whose design language they could create themselves in a completely new way and which would translate their values even more clearly. That's why Intertime AG's new furniture brand is named after them: WEIBELWEIBEL.