+++ October 2023 +++

Kieffer | Formafantasma takes over creative direction of Rubelli Group and launches
Kieffer 2023/24 | Untitled

Formafantasma, internationally considered one of the most interesting design studios, was entrusted with the creative direction of the Venetian group Rubelli. The first challenge was to reinterpret Kieffer, the group's most experimental brand, focusing on raw materials and weaving techniques. The result was "Untitled" - a collection that lets the fabrics speak and focuses on haptics and experimentation.






+++ September 2023 +++

Rubelli | in the Venice Simplon-Oriental-Express

a journey on the legendary Venice Simplon-Oriental-Express also means a journey into a world of textile excellence by Rubelli. The historic Venetian weaving mill has designed and produced all the exclusive fabrics in the new suites of the Venice Simplon-Oriental-Express, a Belmond train. The project was launched thanks to Rubelli's continuous collaboration with Belmond and Wimberly Interiors, offering travelers a unique experience of luxury, exclusivity and quality.





+++ September 2023 +++

DRAENERT | New stone types 2023

If you decide to buy a table from DRAENERT, the choice is great. Because at the natural stone specialist from Lake Constance, you can choose from about 180 different types of stone in a wide variety of colors. This year, four additional varieties are added, which inspire with colorfulness and structure: BLACK MARINACE, AFRICAN LAPIS LAZULI, CEPPO ANTICO and AVOCATUS. Millions of years old are the massive slabs, which DRAENERT presents to interested customers in the in-house stone park, as well as online. Per stone can be chosen from different slabs, each of which has its own unique grain. The uniqueness and robustness of their slabs make DRAENERT tables timeless works of art that last for generations.





+++ September 2023 +++

Florim | New reference projects

Florim, the specialist for ceramic surfaces, presents current reference projects in the object and residential area. With a true passion for beauty, Florim consistently challenges the traditional and transforms the functional element commonly referred to as tile into a design object that can be used in a versatile and creative manner in all design projects. Florim's diverse range of products emphasizes spatial effects and sets the framework for exceptional architecture.





+++ August 2023 +++

PERENNIALS Fall 2023 Collection: Second Collection by Rose Tarlow

Following her 2012 Perennials fabric collection, renowned American designer Rose Tarlow returns with a new collection of 100% solution-dyed acrylic (SDA) fabrics and rugs. Perennials by Rose Tarlow introduces eight fabric qualities and four flat-woven rug designs that feature Tarlow's elegant, vibrant style. Launch date of the new collection August 07, 2023.